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Art Island OKINAWA
Born and bred, Okinawa’s art!

With its blue sky and seas,
the subtropical resort island has another side to it.
The thriving colorful arts and crafts developed by the Okinawans (Uchinanchu) are based on the unique Ryukyu Kingdom culture.
They are a way of praying and offering thanks to the gods that inhabit the nature around them.
Art is the heart and soul of Okinawa.
This is an art island.

The four Okinawa’s artists are, Eiichi Shiroma (SHIROMA BINGATA 16th-generation), Paul Lorimer (Pottery),
Kanna Yamauchi (Fashion designer), and Kiyota Oshiro (Pointillist).
Through this show, we will follow their creation,
exhibitions and dive in-depth into their passion for their art.
Tradition, colors from nature, mother earth,
and teachings of gods found in Okinawa
- all these influences produce the passion in these artists we'll see on this show.

Traditional OKINAWA CraftsBINGATA

SHIROMA BINGATA 16th-generation Eiichi Shiroma

Made from 100% OKINAWA soilPOTTERY

Pottery Paul Lorimer

Designs that bring out OKINAWA designFASHION

Fashion Designer Kanna Yamauchi

A portrait of an OKINAWA godsPOINTILLIST

Pointillist Kiyota Oshiro